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First of all, have in mind that WE ALL ARE JEWELS ON THE SAME NECKLACE. I know this could seem a stock phrase, but actually I feel that way. We, who work on dolls -repainting, restoring, re-styling, customizing, dressing...-, are doing that in order to get a better appearance in our dolls, searching for beauty, searching for the same thing. So we will try a doll repainting together, if you want. This won't be a masterly class, but a sharing in order to get some fun and perhaps that some of you find him/herself able of doing a better work.
We'll go step by step, helping with some (or many) pics. That way you all will be able of coming back if you need it.
Are you ready for the first step?
Come on then.

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It would be better that we work from the same doll, and since I mainly work with Charice dolls, I think the better choice will be one of those dolls. I used here a baggie Glamour Charice (MiKelman trademark) with platinum hair. Of course, you could always choose another doll, and the instructions that you will find here serve actually for any doll (see pic 1).
Go for the tools:
- Painting brushes (I use three for painting: one very fine and pointed to painting; one wider and flat to extend the shadows in the eyelids and the last one and widest for the shadows in the cheekbones. I like also having a hard painting brush that can help me with the acetone removing the original painting in some edges) (see pic 2)
- Acetone and some cotton ear-sticks to remove the original painting, water (to paint and clean) and paper tissues (where you will clean the painting brushes) (see pic 3)
- Acrylic colors (I can't intend that we all have the same colors, but we well try to use the same color gamas) (see pics 4 and 5)
- A Slow Dry Liquid, or Extender (that is a dense and clear acrylic liquid that I use mixtured with the colors and water to diffuse the shadows) (see pic 4)
- And... that is all
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The first and easier part of the proccess. We wet some cottor ear-sticks on the acetone and start removing all the original painting. Use all cotton ear-sticks as necessary; the moment they are dirty they don't work at all. Can't you get the inside edges in eyes and between the lips? Use a hard painting brush. Wet it in the acetone as if you go to paint with it, and then (before the acetone dries!) help yourself with it to remove all the painting. It is not necessary that you remove completely the painting and get a blank face, though it helps (see pic 6).
Remember: The acetone is a very volatile liquid, so be careful and close the flask!
Do you have "cleaned" the face already?
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It is important that, previous to this step, you have already thought what kind of beauty you want to get: Glamorous, etereal, soft, aggressive, sophysticated... That is your choice and will determine the way that you will have to follow.
Anyway, since we are working together, this time you will let the choice for me, if you don't mind. We will create a beautiful Charice not too aggressive, but with personality and glamour. Her eyes will be grey (they match perfectly with blondes), with a soft grey-bluish shadow for the eyelids, some rouge touches in the cheekbones, that we will remark with a soft shadow, and red lips in a slightly opened mouth. Do you like the idea? Come on then.
We will use the following colors, all in matt (see pics 4 and 5):
- White (for the eyes and the light mixtures on the lips)
- Black (for the eyes)
- Beige Brown (for the eyebrows)
- Cadmium Maroon (for the finishing touches on the eyebrows, the cheekbones shadows, the nose holes and some touches on lips)
- Flat Red (for the lips and the nose holes)
- Old Rose (for the rouge)
- Azur (for the shadows on the eyelids)
- Sea Dark Grey (for the eyes)
- German Orange (for the mouth lights)
- No, you don't need more colors!

We will start setting the eyebrows. I know, I know, but we will try and get it for sure! And don't be in a hurry! Take your time.
- Go on with the right eyebrow (left on the doll), from the inside to the outside (see pic 7). The eyebrows won't be too arched, but neither too flat! Take air and save your breath for a moment while you paint the eyebrows. I don't know why, but it works. Use the Beige Brown color, diluted with water (and remember that we always can use the acetone again) and the finest painting brush. Paint just a line. Later, we will make it wider
- Did you get the right one? Go on with the hard part: Matching both eyelashes. First of all, think you have to get them similar, but not necessarely equals. Most people have them different. Isn't it a relief?
- Did you get the left one? Tell me yes, please...! (see pic 8)
- Well, it is time to put some grace in those eyebrows. Paint them wider (widest on the inner edge and finest and pointed on the outside edge) (see pic 9)
Take it easy...!
- Let them dry
- Then, we will add the "realistic" touch, so we will paint some thin lines along the eyebrows with the Cadmium Maroon (see pic 10)

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Do you know if we want our doll has big, small, large, rounded eyes? Yes. We want medium size and large eyes. A glamorous look. Our doll will look at a side (this will bring her certain mysterious look very interesting on a doll).
With the finest painting brush:
- Take the Black color and set the eyes shape (see pic 11)
- Take the White color and set the eyes surface (see pic 12). Let it dry before you
- Take the Dark Sea Grey color and set the iris (see pic 13). Be careful with the shape, eyes are round!
- Take the Azur color, mix it with any water and the Slow Dry Liquid and give a touch both inside and outside on the eyelids (see pic 14)
Now we will go with a delicate part of this process: Diffusing that eyelid shadow.
- Take the flat painting brush (see pic 1; this is the third one on the left) and start to diffuse the Azur color just in the edges; on the left edge (right on the doll) the inner through the nose, the other one through the lid. On the right edge (the outside edge of the eye) we'll diffuse through the end of the eyebrow (see pic 15)
This diffusing work needs some practise and it is not easy. But please, don't give up. Use the painting brush as if you were beating the color with it. DON'T EXTEND the color, but give it little beating touches. You will need to clean the painting brush from time to time, BUT NOT WITH WATER, just dry it a little with the paper tissue and follow the diffusing work. The most diffusing, the most beauty.
If the color has dry and you can't diffuse anymore, wet the painting brush with the Slow Dry Liquid (without any color), dry it and continue diffusing (the extender will bring you more time to work).
Take a breath, my friend! I know, it was a hard part. But look those eyelids, that softness. You got it!

Go on with the iris. We have a flat surface in grey. It is dry already. Well, with this part, you will get all the magic from your doll. The eyes that you get will determine the general look of the doll. Since they are one of the movible parts on a face, you will have to get the more realistic result (have this in mind when you choose the iris color in upcoming repaintings; unless you are working on a fantasy doll, you will have to choose the most realistic colors as possible).
With the finest painting brush:
- Take the Dark Sea Grey and White colors. Mix them with some water and some Slow Dry Liqued
- Paint this first light on the lower left side of the iris (or the right side, this is your choice; I always paint the light on that side, but you can choose the other one) (see pic 16)
- Diffuse the edges of that light (see pic 17). This way, you will get a certain moonlight shape. Let it dry and go on with the other eye
- Repit the process

Once this light has dry, you will have to paint the apples.
With the thinner painting brush:
- Paint a black spot in the middle of both irises (see pic 18)
- Now mix the Dark Sea Grey and White colors. Add some Azur. The mixture have to be lighter than that in the "moonlight", do you remember? Paint a more thin line on that moonlight (you don't have to cover it all) (see pic 19)
- Add more White. Paint another more line on that light, over the upper side of it (this small line will be almost a spot, and never will be white) (see pic 20)
Take Dark Sea Grey and mix it with some Black and the Slow Dry Liquid. With this mixture, paint the upper side of the iris (see pic 21). It seems that the eyes are deeper now. Repit the process on the other eye
- Diffuse it on the edges. Be careful, don't "eat" the light (see pic 22)
- Let all dry
- Go on with the white spot, the light (some artist prefer don't painting that spot, but I usually do). Have in mind that this light has to be settled opposite to the "moonlight" light, so if your moonlight is on the left, the light will be on the right side, and vice versa. I always settle it on the upper right side of the iris, and a little over the appe (see pic 23)

Did you come here? Right. Now we have to finish the eyes.
With the finest painting brush:
- We will paint a simple line (mixture of Azur and Dark Sea Grey) on the eyelid pleat (see pic 24)
- We well mix some Azur with White and paint a slight touch on the lid, under the pleat (see pic 25)
- We will paint the upper side of the eye with more Black and this way we will get a wider and heavy lid, and more mystery in the look (see pic 26)
- We will paint a line below the eye with a mixture of Azur and Black (see pic 27)
- We will paint a dark line ON the lower edge with Cadmium Maroon. Mix this color with a lot of water and get a very light mixture. Push the point of the painting brush on the edge and let the painting run across the edge. Don't worry now about the white (see pic 28)
- We will paint again the white on the eye's surface, taking care with the iris shape
- We will paint a dark thin line on the outer side of irises, from the top (see pic 29). A little touch will be enough
- We will paint the pink spot on the inner edge with Old Rose (see pic 30)
- We will paint the upper eyelashes with Black (see pic 31). Not too long, not too short, a little bit arched, from the outer edge and through near the middle of the eye. The eyelashes can be painted from down to up or vece versa. have in mind, in order to get a more natural look, that in an actual eye, they start almost together and then separate a bit, so in order to get this effect, you will have to paint them wider in their bases and thinner in the edge
- You can paint the lower eyelashes or not. If we do, we will paint them from top to down (just paint three or four on each eye from the outer edge; they will be enough) with Black (see pic 32)
- And now... It is finished! (Until the sealing work, of course!)

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Yes, this is the resting part of the process, though very effective!
- Mix some Cadmium Maroon with Flat Red and water till you get a very light mixture. Put the painting brush point on the nose hole and let the painting runs.
- Repit the process on the other hole nose
- Dry the painting brush and (without any painting), push it on the hole. You will see that the painting brush absorb the painting, though not completely. That will be enough to get the effect that we are searching for (see pic 33)
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Another hard part, though less than eyes, for sure!
- First of all, we have to settle the shape with Flat Red (see pic 34)
Did you get it?
- Fill both lips with Flat Red. Let it dry (see pic 35)
Are you ready? Come on then.
- Paint a white line beween lips with Whit, not too wide and not all along the mouth edge, just in the middle (those who are painting on dolls with the mouth completely close, as the Barbie with the Mackie face, won't do that) (see pic 36)
- Mix Flat Red with Cadmium Maroon (not too much of this last one), water and Slow Dry Liquid
- Paint with this mixture the mouth's edges - a little touch in the upper lip-, between the lips and surrounding all the lower lip (see pic 37)
- Diffuse it (see pic 38)
- With this same mixture, paint the upper side of lower lip (below the white line), setting a triangle in the middle of it. This triangle will have both sides arches (see pic 39)
- Diffuse it (see pic 40)
- Mix Flat Red with German Orange, water and Slow Dry Liquid
- Paint the upper lip in the middle (see pic 41), but be careful, don't get the edge
- Diffuse it (see pic 42)
- Paint the lower lip in both sides of the dark triangle, but don't get it. Then diffuse it (see pic 43)
- You have yet this mixture wet. Add some White
- Paint with it the lower lip in both sides of the dark triangle (two little touches) and diffuse it (see pic 44)
And... Yes, you got that beautiful mouth!
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Another hard part to beginners, but... Don't give up, you almost get her finished, my friend!
- Mix Cadmium Maroon with some water and Slow Dry Liquid (that part will be impossible to get withouth the Slow Dry Liquid, so if you did not get it, don' try this step)
- Paint a halfmoon following the natural edge on the cheekbone's doll (see pic 45)
- Take the widest painting brush (it has to be completely dry and without any painting) and diffuse it very much. You will have to get a light shadow, almost imperceptible on the upper, outer and inner edges (see pic 46)
- Let it dry
- Mix Old Rose with some water and Slow Dry Liquid
- Paint the upper side of the cheekbones, but just a touch in both cheekbones (see pic 47)
- Diffuse it with the same painting brush that you used in the cheekbones shadow (completely dry and without any painting). Though it seems that the color is too strong, it will become paler when it dries. Take care in the intersection of both colors (the shadow and the rouge), because the rouge will try to take off the shadow color, so don't put a lot of painting; better less (see pic 48)
- Let it dry

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Well, my friend, I guess you get now a wonderful and glamorous beauty on that doll to be proud of!
Take a while to watch her. She will be doing the same with you. But wait! She is not finished yet! Oh, my God, no more, please!
Don't worry, my friend; the last step is very easy and will bring her more beautiful enough.
- Withe the finest painting brush, take an acrylic gloss varnish and seal the whole lips and eyes (be careful and don't surpass the painted surfaces) (see pic 49)
The following step will be optional if you are not sure enough and you want to make some prior attempts in other surface than this doll
- With the same painting brush, take an acrylic matt varnish and seal the eyebrows, eyelids (don't worry about the eyelashes, you can cover them), nose holes and with a bigger one -the same that we used for diffusing-, the cheekbones (be careful again and... DON'T INSIST WITH THE BRUSH-STROKES. THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE THE MATT VARNISH USE TO BE VERY TRAITOR! PAINT IN ONE BRUSH-STROKE WITH THE SAME PAINTING BRUSH THAT YOU USED FOR THE EYELIDS
- Finally, with the finest paint brush, take an acrylic satin varnish and seal the eyelashes (if the matt seal has dry already) and the upper eye line
- Let all seal dry

She is asking for you to dress her, so choose the better attire and jewelry that you can find. She is ready for a pic session, and hopes that you do your best. Rearrange her hair-style is she needs it. She is now almost a movie star, so...