Repaint and re-style by Juan Albuerne
Costume by Mario&Gianni as Magia2000
Jewelry by DollyDelights
The original doll

This extremely chic and simple outfit was designed by Givenchy in 1954 for Audrey Hepburn in her role of Sabrina, and the reproduction we did is inspired by the original outfit, from the chance we had of seing it in person while it was in the Ferragamo Museum at Firenze (Italy) in 1999.
It is made of white microfabric, and adorned with black voile in organza. The flower ornaments on the outfit and the big train are of antique black lace, hand-sewed one by one. Gloves are made in white stretch fabric.
All the attire is removable.

Realized by Mario Paglino & Gianni Grossi as Magia2000
Due to Givenchy's extreme tied upness with his fourth collection, Audrey chose three dresses from the atelier... the jazzy Oxford-grey suit, the fantastic white ball gown with flower embroidery of black silk filament and the black cocktail dress in ribbed cotton with the tiny bows at each shoulder...
There was truly a real scandal concerning the credits for the Sabrina wardrobe...
When Givenchy was flown over to view the first screening of Sabrina, he and Audrey Hepburn couldn't believe what their eyes reported: Givenchy's name wasn't mentioned at all. Head got the full credit for the wardrobe and was soon to be awarded an Oscar for Best Costume Design